Tabitha The Animal Cell 101:11

Tabitha The Animal Cell 1

Tabitha The Animal Cell 1-1

The Cover of the First issue.

Tabitha The Animal Cell is aseries created by Dylan McPhee after he made an animal cell model for scienc class and named it "Tabitha". Tabitha has 2 series; Tabitha The Animal Cell, so far with 2 parts, and Tabitha's Misadventures, which has 1 Chapter. The series has nine main characters, Tabitha, Frank the Apple, Tabitha's lover, Sqwiggles, Tabitha's pet, Ao Hato, the blue pigeon that is the principal at a school, Wobble, an Okigara-Koboshi, Mi-Chan the Slug, Wobble's girlfriend, So Kowai, the Red Ghost, and The Donkey of ! Million Names, the strongest character in the series, whom also enjoys licking the others.

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