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Scandalous GURLS

Scn GURLS 1.1

Page one of Part I

Scandalous GURLS is a comic about various female characters and Dylan interacting, sometimes resulting in less than desireable ways. Dylan (author) also sneeks in various references to series he likes, such as Tenchi Muyo! and The Chzo Mythos, and says that if anyone gets his obscure references, they get to arrange his marrige. The comic was ment to go in a Black and White end of school year newsletter, but was rejected due to it's length. Part I was uploaded the 28th of June, 2015, with Part II coming sometime July 2015.

Part IEdit

Before the actual story is started, a picture bearing "Scandalous GURLS" and all the characters with their names next to them. The First Chapter features the fox Dodger getting a haircut.

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